Pegloom with 8mm Beech Pegs

We make four different widths of pegloom, from a quarter of a metre up to one metre. Among these peglooms we use 3 sizes of beech peg and 2 sizes of nylon peg.

For internet sales we now also use a laminated base.

A strip of beech is laminated onto the redwood base.
This gives a much better finish to the holes when drilling and strengthens the loom.
The loom is thus lighter than if it were made with solid beech, and more economical to send.
The loom is also not as expensive as using solid beech despite the extra manufacturing to add the strip.
Overall a significantly better product.

For the full range of peglooms please see the Sales pages. All come with instructions.

Peglooms can be used for making bags, rugs, hangings, cushion covers, as well as many other woven items.

We typically use yarn, fleece, cotton, or strips of fabric, but anything that you can turn into a strip can be used on a pegloom - we have had great success turning old denim jeans into bags.

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